Green Tea Chai - Teapot (4 Servings) 6 oz.
Green Tea Chai - Teapot (4 Servings) 6 oz.

Green Tea Chai - Teapot (4 Servings) 6 oz.

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  • You are going to relax with a cup of green tea that has hints of honey and exotic spices.
  • You will find this chai tea surprisingly smooth and green tea lovers enjoy the delicate taste of this chai tea drink experience
  • Serving size: 4
  • Enjoy hot, cold, or blended.  

Why consider purchasing a teapot size?  This serving size is perfect for someone who fell in love with a particular chai tea flavor.  You are saving money by purchasing the larger serving size and it is perfect for sharing with friends or family when they stop by to visit.  

Easy to serve directions: 

For a hot drink: heat up 8 oz of water to a mug, add 3 tablespoons dry mix, stir and blend thoroughly. Enjoy your chai tea!

For an iced drink experience: Measure 3 tbs of the mixture to 8 - 10 oz of milk, water, or your liquid beverage choice, use an electric blender to mix chai tea and liquid for an optimal drink experience.  Serve: prepare your tall glass with ice and pour the blended drink. Stir, sip, relax and enjoy!

A quick tip: When purchasing a Tea Pot or Gala size bag, to make a single serving use 3 tablespoons.