Self-care is not selfish

Do ever get this funny feeling when you take time for yourself? 

I sometimes feel guilty when I take time for myself. With a busy business and personal life, including my kids' sports activities and running my household, I'm wired to stay busy. However, watching my mom not relax while caring for my sick dad and managing her household made me realize the importance of self-care. So I remind myself to recognize when I'm feeling exhausted and irritable and practice self-care. It's just as important as exercising and eating healthy to live an enjoyable life. I want my daughter to find balance in her adult life and remember me as someone who took care of herself.

As we start 2024, I encourage you to develop daily habits that help you find balance and practice self-care. You can follow me on Instagram or Facebook for fun ways to do this.  I intentionally design products to promote self-care through daily use.  

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