Let's get real about what Mom wants for Mother's Day

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Let me share what moms want for Mother's Day.
As a kid growing up, Mother's Day was a craft-filled bonanza. Glitter and Elmer's glue were my tools.   As a mom, I love getting my kids clumsily-made gifts. They are sweet with honest affection about how much they care for me and I have a box of them that I treasure.  
But let's get real and countdown what mom truly wants for Mother's Day:

           5. Hand-made crafts are still awesome.  Writing a letter to your mom to say how much you love her, list out the five things you appreciate her or how she inspires you.  Text messages are okay, but the real deal goes a long way. 

          4. Permission to take her leadership hat off.  Give Mom a break and don't let mom get stuck making decisions on where to eat, how to dress people, or doling out punishments.  

           3.  Chore-free day. Mom does not want to make anyone a meal, load the dishwasher, run the laundry machine, vacuum, sweep, or go to Walmart to pick up groceries. Honestly, when Chris loads the laundry machine and dryer, it makes me love him all the more.  Bonus, he does not just do it on Mother’s Day but helps out all the time.

           2. Give her permission to put herself first for the day. Seriously, you have to tell the mom in your life (or if you are a mom reading this email to tell yourself); it's okay to take time to herself. The gift of reading a book, or taking a bath with NO DISRUPTIONS is heaven on earth.

          1. Pamper her and let her take time to honor herself. Give her a gift basket with all the items she loves to eat, drink or read.
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Angela Booth

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