Get to know us: 5 Questions with Chris and Angela



Question 1: Who are we?

Chris and I are transplants from Southern California and moved to Texas 15 years ago. Hands down this was the best decision we made as a couple - no regrets.  We enjoy traveling as a family and prefer to drive over flying.   We have two amazing kids and we love serving others.

Question 2: Why do you run a small business?

We like how it allows us to be creative with developing our products and offerings.  The business allows us to have freedom and to serve others while meeting new people. Going into the new year, we both think that self care is very important and we hope that in 2021 our friends take steps to actively take care of themselves.

Question 3: What are your favorite chai tea flavors?

  • Chris' favorite chai tea flavors are: raspberry and gingerbread.
  • My top flavors are: caramel, low sugar vanilla and chocolate. 

Question 4: What's it like to run a family business?

Running a family business is both fun and challenging at the same time. The fun part is working together towards the common goal of providing taste good, feel good and smell good products.  We both like finding solutions to problems together and brainstorming what value we can bring to our fans. It is also great that we can involve the kids and extended family at our popup events.  The challenging part comes from the fact that we're both passionate about the business but we have two different approaches.  We end up picking the best one or a blend of our two approaches to get the results we need

Question 5: Where are we going to travel to in 2021?

I think we'll be making our yearly trip to Destin, FL at some point this year and  go check out the Georgia mountains to go hiking.  


Angela Booth 

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  • Nice update! Its great to hear about y’all!

    Jessica Bartz

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