What is the #1 Tip for Valentine's Day?

What is the #1 tip for an enjoyable Valentine's Day? Planning and effort.

That's right; we are talking about Valentine's day already. You don't want to wait until the last minute for making a dinner reservation (although this year eating a home would probably be better) or worse yet, grabbing something from the grocery store last minute that says, "Hey, look what I just picked up....again."

If you plan on getting a gift for that special someone, make sure:

1) You make your dinner reservations ahead of time - call or use Opentable.com

2) If you order an item, make sure it is in stock

3) If you order the item, can it be delivered in time to make it on or before Valentine's Day.

What is effort? Some years it's just saying Happy Valentine's day and a quick peck on the check.  Other years it is a surprise trip out of town and some well-deserved relaxation and snuggling time.  Think about what your special someone likes and dislikes. One year Chris wrote me a letter, and I have saved it to this day. It means remembering that Valentine's Day is Sunday, February 14, 2021, this year.  

I wish you a fun and festive Valentine's Day.  The world needs more love and I hope you take a moment to love those near and dear to you.  


Angela Booth

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